House clearance doesn’t need to be stressful. Here are some useful tips that should help ensure everything goes as hassle free as possible:

  • Timing and Organising
  • Valuables vs. Junk
  • Estimate how many items need to be cleared.
  • ‘Just-Clear’ it!
  • And don’t forget
  • Now you can relax! 

Timing & Organising

One of the instrumental factors when planning a house clearance is time, thus ensuring everything goes as smooth as possible. A good suggestion for two people undertaking a house clearance is to allow about ½ a day per room that needs to be cleared. This may seem a lot but it gives you sufficient time to do the job and remove the stress that comes with it.

Valuables Vs. Junk

Once you’ve made some time in your schedule for the house clearance, the next step is to go through everything to decide which items you wish to keep, which you want to sell or donate, and which items are to be cleared by labelling as such.

Estimate How Many Items Need to be Cleared

Almost there now! But before you call to arrange to take it away, you need to work out how much stuff you have.

The easiest way of estimating volume is to think in terms of a standard domestic skip. How many standard skips – the six-yard type one commonly sees outside a domestic building site – do you think your bulky items would fill? You don’t need to be exact, just estimate to the nearest skip load. Once complete, add it all up and get a total volume estimate.

Just Clear It!

You should now have estimated the volume of stuff to keep, donate, sell and be cleared. Dealing with each separately:

(a) Removals.

For specialists removal help, the British association of removers is the best place to start. They provide useful information on removal companies. Members are regulated, insured and are required to meet certain high standards – so you are only dealing with professionals.

If you are considering obtaining a property valuation for probate or are considering selling or letting your property after a house clearance, we recommend using a professional estate agent who have been accredited on our panel, which host the most respectable agents in the UK.

(b) Sale & donation

The Internet is a great place to sell unwanted household items; the best known is Ebay and Gumtree. More bulky items are best sold through a local auction house and if you’d like an idea of value before delivery, emailing them in advance with a few digital photos often helps.

(c) Disposal

For a standard removal, if you have a large vehicle, energy and the time, disposing of junk is something you can do yourself. Depending on the amount, you can squash it all into the boot of your car or van to take it to the local tip, bearing in mind the disposal costs, avoid surprises by calling ahead for rates and booking beforehand.

Skip Hire – another solution is to hire a skip. The skip is dropped off outside the premises and you fill it yourself. Skips are charged at a flat rate and require a skip permit and parking suspension from the council if parked on road. Prices vary widely dependent on the skip size and the cost of any permit and parking suspension.

Clearance & disposal companies – the simplest solution is to call Leicester House Clearance who will clear, load and dispose of everything you need to get rid of, from single items to multiple truckloads. They charge by volume cleared and they also donate and recycle when possible.

Don’t Forget!

Take care of your confidential documents, as Identity theft is a growing problem in the UK. Dispose all bank statements, credit card receipts or health records by shredding.

In addition, if you are undertaking a house clearance for a deceased relative, be careful not to shred any documents you might require later. If you are in any doubt talk to the solicitor or executor dealing with the estate. For more advice on avoiding identity theft, please visit the Home Office.

For good practise, when lifting heavy items, take care and bend your knees, keeping your back straight. In addition, if you are carrying bulky items with someone else always have a strategy as to how you will lift the bulky item and indicate where you will move it to – this helps avoid accidents.


Now that you have finished, you deserve to sit down and relax. However, if by reading this guide has exhausted you, why not call Leicester House Clearance on 0116 255 9140 to learn about the simple way to get your house clearance completed.